MINO - I’m Him

It’s been about a month and some change since Winner’s official debut and their staying power on the chartsdespite promoting at the same time as some heavyweights in the music industryis a surprising turn of events. A surprise that I very much welcome—you only have to take a cursory glance at my tumblrs to see that they tip toward YG artists and that I’ve fallen deep into the Inner Circle.

One of my favourite tracks off 2014 S/S is Mino’s solo song, which is very much akin to the songs he was making during his underground days. It’s a playful track rife with metaphors and a whole lot of wordplay that is reflected in the video (with the most obvious one being 걔/개—hence all the dog references). Speaking of which, Winner’s cameo in this video is precious.

I’m still kinda pressed that some of Mino’s songs were rejected by YG for being “too hiphop” for Winnerand yet he criticized Mino back in January on Winner TV for not writing songs in his own style? Like, make up your mind, YG. I realize Winner doesn’t really fit the swag-swag image (which is fine by me), and since the other members are also heavily involved in the song creation process, there’s gonna be some give and take. But I just hope he continues to have an outlet to do the hiphop stuff alongside Winner’s career.

For their next album, I hope YG loosens the reins on Winner, and allow them more creative freedomthis goes for all of his artists, really, and not just his favourites. (I still side-eye him for vetoing Taeyang’s album that was once heading in the direction of “Love You To Death” AKA MY FAVE SONG OFF “RISE” UGGGH.)

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Winner sings Tonight live on the radio, I let out the strangest squeal that only animals can detect.

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Omari Dixon, Emmanuel Lawal, April Alexander, Kae Kae -  ’The Origin’ 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jo’lene Henry

PRINT DESIGN: Katarina Voloder

DESIGNERS: Stephanie Ghoussain, Katrin Salem, Samuella Palmer

MAKE-UP: Gina Blondell

HAIR: Aaron Blondell

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The Ansaris and the Carters at Yeezus last weekend. When my mom asked for this photo, @Beyonce said “It would be an honor.” Amazing. Happy Bey Day. Also shout out to my parents who I love very much.


The Ansaris and the Carters at Yeezus last weekend. When my mom asked for this photo, @Beyonce said “It would be an honor.” Amazing. Happy Bey Day. Also shout out to my parents who I love very much.

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we will always be here for you. until whenever.
060819 - now.
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Clazziquai Project - Madly

Their recent singles have turned up the funk levels a few notches. I play this often and pretend that summer is still a thing in Toronto 2014.

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So much love and power to Black mothers in America and Palestinian mothers in the West Bank and Gaza.

You all are so brave, so resilient and so beautiful. Raising children and creating homes of love in perpetual warzones. Utterly indebted, this world owes you so much more.

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WINNER - Empty

I can’t believe they’ve finally debuted! I looooove this song. Mid-tempo rnb jam, I am here for you. (I’m still smiling at the fact that Bobby/Hanbin collaborated with Mino on it—I love both groups to bits, so all their interactions warm my cold cold heart.)

I didn’t know what to expect with the album, since all five members have such distinct musical tastes/influences and they’re very hands-on with the production/composition/writing etc. Up until this morning, I was pretty nervous about how their debut would sound like and if it would be cohesive (not really a big fan of patchwork kpop songs sooo). I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they’ve found a happy medium between them all. It’s a pretty solid kpop album as far as I’m concerned.

Of my other faves: I love the fuller electro version of Smile Again so much more than the one they made on WIN. Tonight is a chill slowjam with a very saxy solo. Gimme Mino’s solo MV right now. Love Is A Lie is an electropop track that reigns supreme and I don’t care what anyone else says.

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Kanye West - Bound 2 (feat. Charlie Wilson) live at Jools Holland

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MNEK - Every Little Word

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Daehyun Kim

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Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady

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