we will always be here for you. until whenever.
060819 - now.
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8igbang    until whenever    bigbang    i feel so lucky to have seen them twice live    waving my crownstick around today and dancing to the discography    

Clazziquai Project - Madly

Their recent singles have turned up the funk levels a few notches. I play this often and pretend that summer is still a thing in Toronto 2014.

clazziquai project    madly    clazziquai    클래지콰이 프로젝트    k-indie    music    summer jams    not that I miss our humid summers it just feels very autumnal lately    


So much love and power to Black mothers in America and Palestinian mothers in the West Bank and Gaza.

You all are so brave, so resilient and so beautiful. Raising children and creating homes of love in perpetual warzones. Utterly indebted, this world owes you so much more.

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WINNER - Empty

I can’t believe they’ve finally debuted! I looooove this song. Mid-tempo rnb jam, I am here for you. (I’m still smiling at the fact that Bobby/Hanbin collaborated with Mino on it—I love both groups to bits, so all their interactions warm my cold cold heart.)

I didn’t know what to expect with the album, since all five members have such distinct musical tastes/influences and they’re very hands-on with the production/composition/writing etc. Up until this morning, I was pretty nervous about how their debut would sound like and if it would be cohesive (not really a big fan of patchwork kpop songs sooo). I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they’ve found a happy medium between them all. It’s a pretty solid kpop album as far as I’m concerned.

Of my other faves: I love the fuller electro version of Smile Again so much more than the one they made on WIN. Tonight is a chill slowjam with a very saxy solo. Gimme Mino’s solo MV right now. Love Is A Lie is an electropop track that reigns supreme and I don’t care what anyone else says.

winner    yg winner    empty    crrrrryyyyyiiinnnngggg    music    summer jams    

Kanye West - Bound 2 (feat. Charlie Wilson) live at Jools Holland

never furget this    kanye west    bound 2    charlie wilson    jools holland    can't wait til xmas when we bust bound 2 out for karaoke again    music    summer jams    
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bound to faaaaaallllll in love    the video does not exist nope    kanye west    

MNEK - Every Little Word

mnek    every little word    summer jams    music    mnek forever    


Daehyun Kim

daehyun kim    moonassi    무나씨    김대현    visual art    illustration    

Janelle Monáe - Electric Lady

janelle monáe    janelle monae    electric lady    music    summer jams    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay    


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Drake    0 to 100    The Catch Up    James Blake    OVO Fest    party in the lawns    last year blew my mind    who's aubrey bringing this year?    6 DAYS UNTIL OUTKAST    music    

Seo In Guk - Finding Myself (High School King of Savvy OST)

Curious thing about ballads is that I usually don’t listen to them—but for some reason, drama ballads are tracks that I could listen to over and over again. (Maybe because I associate them with certain scenes? I dunno. All I know is that I’ve listened to this song an embarrassing amount of times.) Also, any drama that stars Seo In Guk and doesn’t feature him in the OST would be foolish.
The music on HSKOS so far has been used to great effect and I applaud the music director for not being too heavyhanded with the soundtrack. I always find overdramatic OSTs distracting and it often just cheapens scenes. I also applaud the PD for letting some scenes breathe, without any bg music. I find those scenes way more effective than ones backed by a string ensemble frantically shredding the resin off their strings.

As for the show:
High School King of Savvy, you make me feel so many feelings. All of them. And I love you for it. This show excels in finding the right balance between angst and humour. Like, with the father-son/pojangmacha scene in ep 12, they both were just trying to keep each other’s spirits up at that point, even though you could see that they could barely keep it together, which made it all the more devastating—but within that scene, I laughed at the father’s meta-jokes about Min Suk becoming a singer. The show could ride the angst for a dreadfully long time (just look at melos), but it chooses not to.
Even when the show’s at its most heartwrenching, the writer never forgets to inject little funny or mundane things/scenes in or around the sad stuff. I think some dramas forget that the world doesn’t stop just because one guy’s heart breaks.

seo in guk    finding myself    high school king of savvy    lee min suk    push back that hair Seo In Guk    I'll probably make gifs out of this video even though I usually don't make gifs of dramas that are still airing    every time I see the acronym ''OST'' I think cheese/blame Norway    

Block B - HER

This is such a fun and funky summery song with a video to match its bright vibe. The earworm levels are high with this one.

block b    HER        seven seasons    블락비    music    summer jams    dork levels are pretty high too    
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I like when Comedy Bang Bang jokes spill out onto other things    technicality no down boo over    
fierce    viet women represent    

Beenzino - Up All Night (feat. Mayson The Soul)

Mixed feelings about the EP (just gonna pretend Jackson Pollack Dick doesn’t exist, ok? Cool), but this track is definitely the stand-out from the bunch.

Side note on one of the features: I can’t believe there’s a rapper out there with the stage name Don Mills. He’s totally from North York, isn’t he? (PEANUT PLAZA, HEEEY). 

beenzino    up all night    mayson the soul    khiphop    don mills