An evening in photos. Dinner at the Drake. CANT/Blood Orange at the Garrison.

Started off at the Drake Lounge for dinner. Yeah, it’s got a reputation, but we were there early into the evening, so it wasn’t full; we had a good time and the food was delicious.

At the Garrison: Those of us who were early enough to catch Blood Orange were treated to an explosive performance by Dev Hynes who took his set off the stage and brought the beats and guitar work to the floor. Craaaaazy guitar work, that man. Shreds like no other. If you haven’t listened to Coastal Grooves, start. Now. So many jams.

Luke Temple had some pleasant folky tunes but had the unfortunate task of following Blood Orange’s set. The bill was probably arranged this way to give Dev a (well-deserved!) breather before heading back up on stage for CANT, but there was a definite dip in the crowd’s energy.

CANT. Chris Taylor’s solo project. On tour, he’s assembled a band—with Dev on guitar/bass/vox, Guillermo Brown on drums/vox (he was so on) and John Kirby on the synths/everything else. I’ve had mixed feelings about the album (really strong first half, second half gets all too quiet), but in performance, they really brought the songs to life. They played everything off the album except (broken collar)…but that’s alright since it’s a 50-second interlude. Chris was taken aback by the crowd’s impassioned response, but when you’ve got the chops, the tunes, the energy and a stellar backing band, it’s not all that surprising!

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